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Gunlock Reservoir State Park - Couples Shoot with Becca & Matt

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

There's a beautiful phenomena happening right now! Once you see it, your eyes will be locked and you may never ever be able to look away!!!


But seriously this sight will literally make you go WOW! Gunlock Reservoir State Park is experiencing one of the most amazing events this year that doesn't ever happen too often in the dry state it resides in, UT. From a good winter, the usually small and unnoticeable waterfalls at the Gunlock Reservoir State Park are now grandiose and literally jaw-dropping!

Can we just call this The Niagara Falls of UT already?

Well for those of you who know me, adventurous areas and phenomenal events like this are some of my favorite things. And at this time of year, I also happened to be traveling to Southern Utah for a few other photo shoots. Having heard from friends that the GR was magnificent, I knew I couldn't pass this awesome opportunity to shoot the beautiful scenery as well as shoot with some rad friends, Becca & Matt Anderson.

*Before we get further into our adventure, if you are planning on going PLEASE GO PREPARED. Wear appropriate hiking clothing and footwear, don't attempt if pregnant, don't attempt by yourself, take water (you may be in the hot sun), respect other visitors, and prepared to get wet!

Our journey thus began after we parked at the north side (by the bathrooms), and started walking across the reservoirs barrier and came towards the falls from the top. I'd highly recommend going this route as it's a lot less crowded coming to the falls from the top, and there are more picturesque opportunities you can take at the reservoir. We had to stop every so often before actually reaching the falls cause it was just so spectacular that day for photos.

Once we played in the actual reservoir, the real trek began as we took our way across the reservoir...

We got our feet wet! Becca & Matt were also in amazing condition and had no problem getting across the water... Once we arrived we started from the top and slowly made our way down into the falls as pictured below...

Take a hiking buddy, cause they'll entertain you, make you laugh, and might even piggy-pack you across points like Matt did with Becca...

It's a literal oasis as you walk around and see all the falls around you!

Again, this place is like a mini niagra falls of UT, and provides for the most beautiful and romantic feels...

The falls were soo incredible, and seemed so powerful. We took caution at every step, still can't believe these exist!

Gunlock is an adventure you will never forget! If you haven't already, go out and see it!!! The hike isn't difficult, and the views are unlike any other I've seen in UT. I only hope it snows and rains as much this next year to see it again!


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