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Dead Horse Point State Park - A Surprise Engagement with Nelle & Britton

Britton & Nelle are some of the most kindest souls I've ever met! They're sweet spirits made for a super fun trip down to Moab, UT where we shot a surprise engagement shoot! Nelle's sister and friend tagged along as well as we drove down, listening to the best car songs, and bonding!

This time of year is also one of the most beautiful times in Utah and the weather was so nice!

Britton and Nelle's Sister, Emma, had reached out to me before we left to inform me that this fun shoot was actually a surprise proposal! Staying hushed the entire time was so hard for me, because literally dreams of shooting here with a beautiful couple like this were all coming true! As we drove we saw changes in landscape from green hills to snowy peaks to desert plains, up until the dramatic overlook of Dead Horse Point State Park.

This first lookout is AMAZING! When you're headed to the main lookout point be sure to side stop here first just for a unique side view of the canyon. It wasn't where Britton initially proposed but we had to stop to see the beautiful lookout. I might be beating a dead horse after posting and sharing with you all so many of the photos from our trip to Dead Horse Point State Park, but these pictures are too good!

Once we got to the main parking lot of the Dead Horse Point lookout, Nelle had no clue what was coming, and these photos of her reaction are priceless to me and all else who were there!

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If you're planning to surprise your partner and propose, please do it HERE! It's not that busy, super easy to get to, and the views and land around is incredible!


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